Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cinnamon Sparrow

I realized I haven't posted a lot of pictures of Cinnamon recently, so since Halloween is coming up, here's some pictures from last year. He was Jack Sparrow.
I love the look on his face! I can't believe how much he's grown in a year!
I also loved how he closed his eyes, as if being a pirate was such hard work..
Yeah, the hat didn't stay on very long...he hates having anything on his head. We didn't do anything crazy for Halloween last year. Took Cinnamon & Natalia (Jose's younger sister) trick-or-treating & then came home & watched some scary movies. This year we got invited to a couple of Halloween parties but Jose doesn't want to go so we'll probably do the same thing as last year, except Cinnamon will be a lobster! I got the costume on clearance last year & tried to put it on him to see if it fit, but he thought it was a new toy (one of his favorite toys is his lobster!) so that didn't work out very well. We'll try this year & if that doesn't work, then I'll just take one of the {black}cats with me & be a witch. :) 
Anyone have any good plans or costume ideas for Halloween?

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Simply Pug said...

This is a wonderful entry to our contest! All winners will be pawed out on Monday!

-Baby and Lucy the Pawful Pugs

rebecca said...

such a cute dog! thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Rebecca

laura said...

pugs are sooo cute, i love him!

Valerie said...

How sweet - love the braids!!