Sunday, April 10, 2011

26 before 27

Inspired by Elsie, I decided to make a '26 before 27' goal list to help me actually accomplish some of the things I've been putting off forever. I have this terrible problem with procrastination...when I was in school I would always put off doing projects until the very last day- one day even the morning it was due. But if my goals are on paper & you all can read them & hold me accountable, I'll do them! (Hopefully not all in March of next year..)

[1. Move into & decorate my first apartment (alone).
2. Get a new hairstyle.
3. Fashion style makeover.
4. Learn Photoshop.
5. Holga photoshoot.
6. Start doing yoga.
7. Cook more often.
8. Learn to sew.
9. Pay off credit card; work on school loan.
10. Take a road trip.
11. Draw more.
12. Repurpose / restyle something thrifted.
13. Craft at least once a week.
14. Have a birthday or 'gotcha day' party for Cinnamon.
15. Sell something from my shop!
16. Get 50 followers on my blog.
17. Participate in a craft fair.
18. Bake more often!
19. Work on my art journal.
20. Organize craft space.
21. Get rid of all craft supplies I no longer use.
22. Learn CSS / HTML- fix up my shop.
23. Get rid of all junk / clutter in my apartment.
24. Self publish a book of poetry.
25. Start camera collection.
26. Learn how to style photographs.]

The jelly beans are my first attempt at #26...I have a long way to go with that one! Sorry for the lack of posts- I've been going through some personal stuff {read: breakup} & have been trying to keep busy & haven't been home much. I've been pretty stressed with figuring stuff out. It seems my "can't live in any one place for longer than a year" curse struck again...though this will be my record (1 year & 2 months- the landlord never contacted us to renew the lease). I'm definitely excited at all the possibilities the future holds for me but kinda scared to live on my own. We'll see how it goes..


Keshet said...

I love this post. Just wanted to say I am SO SO very sorry about your breakup. I had a really difficult breakup several years ago, and I still remember how painful it was. I know you will be ok, and I know you know that, but in the meantime, I will be thinking of you!

Janae said...

cutest little blog- i am a momma to a pug too :) glad i could help with #16!


This is such a great idea...I think it is a great motivator and distractor..which is something I need. Maybe I shall create one before my birthday :)