Friday, February 5, 2010

Fairy Wing & Cupcake Onesies

I finished all 49 inchies for my first ever Inchie Swap- but couldn't take any pictures today. I'll probably post them either tomorrow or Sunday. Today you get to see some onesies that I stenciled for a co-worker's baby shower. I used the freezer paper stencil method to make these.
 I really love the fairy wings one. :) I did a Google search for fairy wings & looked at all of them for ideas, then just kind of combined them to draw my own version. I stenciled the wings on the back of the onesie, so when the baby is laying on her stomach, you can see the wings!

I based the cupcake one off of a Studio G stamp. I wasn't really too happy with it because I found it difficult to cut out letters with an Exacto knife. Also, the white glitter paint didn't show up too well, but I didn't have any other colors of paint that went well with pink & purple.

I had so much fun making these! I even made myself a stenciled shirt after I made these (with a picture of Adam Lambert since that season of American Idol was showing at the time I made the onesies) which didn't come out too good because the only light purple T-shirt I found was kinda ribbed. I suppose I could've used a different color, but I felt that Adam deserved to be on a purple one..anyway let me know what you think of these; I might make some for my boyfriend's sister's new baby!

P.S. Welcome to my new followers! It's so nice to see the number grow each day & even better to read all your sweet comments! Thank you! I hope everyone is having fun with the One World One Heart blog event- I've only gone through about 400 blogs so far & more are being added to the list constantly!


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Fiona said...

The wings on the baby grow are so sweet what a lovely idea.

ChatElaine said...

I love the wings, and what a great idea to put onto the baby t-shirt so when she is on her tummy you can see them, the cupcake is very pretty too.