Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inchie Love

You finally get to see my inchies today! I decided to change one of the sets I made for the swap, because it didn't come out too well, otherwise I would have shared them a couple of days ago. We had to make 49 inchies in total & send 7 to each one of 7 partners. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I decided to go with an overall theme of 'LOVE' for all the sets & then for each set I tried to convey the different aspects of love. Each set uses different embellishments, but I had trouble making the individual inchies in each set different from each other, so some sets have 7 of pretty much the same inchie. Anyway, here's what they look like:
These are the two sets in which all 7 inchies are different:
And here's some close up's with a description of how I made them!

This set has polka dot paper & heart tissue paper as a background. I punched a hole in the corner, added an eyelet & tied on some 'ribbon/tinsel', then stamped the Chinese character for love in the middle. The edges were then inked.
* The one on the left is just some book text with a picture cut out from some awesome wrapping paper I've been hoarding. Then I wrote the word that was written beneath each image on the wrapping paper, on the inchie & outlined the picture with pink pen (Now that I think about it, I probably should have outlined it with glitter. :/ Oh well.) & inked the edges. This set is named 'Passion'.
* The one on the right is some cardstock with some trim on top & stamped with some very cool stamps from Magnetic Poetry. I, then wrote a word underneath the stamp to finish the thought & rounded the corners on the bottom. This set was called 'Words'. It would've been 'More Than Words', but that (along with PinkPug,INK. & the date) was way too much to write on the back of a 1x1 space!

* The one on the left is vintage Japanese text with a felt, sequined heart embellishment, that I ripped off a bracelet. The 'stitches' & squiggles are done with a Sharpie & the edges were inked. This set is named 'Love'. It was the first set I made, so I think it came out the best too!  
* The one on the right is three different ribbons glued on the cardboard base & then inked edges. I saw the ribbon idea in a 2 Peas card making class & loved it! I named this set 'Romance'.
* The one on the left is My Mind's Eye patterned paper, with the edges cut with scalloped scissors & a heart brad in the middle. Super simple, but cute. :) The set is named 'Crush'.
* The one on the right is a cross stitched heart in a cardstock frame. These took forever to make! I thought it would be quick since the heart is so little but there was so many stitches...I'm definitely not cross stitching anything for a while. The set was appropriately named 'Heart'. (Would've been 'Have a Heart', but again, too much to write in such a small space!)

I'd love to hear what you all have to say about my inchies! By the way, I've gone through about half the listings in the One World One Heart many awesome giveaways! I only have 4 more days to get through the other half!


Regina said...

WOW...I have never seen anything like the inchies before. Very unique and so cute. Great job!!!!

Thank you for stopping by my place, Southern Ooaks. I do hope that you will come back often to visit as I am adding new characters to my whimsical world all the time...and they LOVE visitors!!


Jennifer Conway said...

Those look like a ton of fun to make! I love teeny-tiny things!