Monday, September 13, 2010

Shopping Spree

I had a great weekend! I went on a mini shopping spree, by accident. It started when Jose & I went to Target to get cat litter (we have two kittens now, but that's going to be a different post!). I haven't been there since April, when I decided not to spend any more money on craft supplies since I had so much I wasn't even using at home. Recently I paid off one credit card & one of my school loans so I thought it would be ok to reward myself. :) First, here's what I found in the Dollar Section:
Look at all this! I love the cute dry erase board. Then I went to the craft section & found some Making Memories stuff on clearance!
Aren't those clocks awesome?? & I always love alphas. Then we went to Marshall's because Jose needed to buy a dress shirt for an interview. There was Martha Stewart stuff on sale there! 
The punch was only $2.99, the stamp set $1.99 & the buttons $1.50! So then I decided that I needed to visit some other Targets & Marshall's for more great sales. I found more Making Memories stuff in the other two Targets I went to. This is from the Passport collection (wish I had this stuff when I made those cards from the Passport Page Kit!). Can you believe those prices?? The suitcase was $5.98, the clips & the flowers were $1.04 & the stickers were only 98c!! Do I sound excited? I bought everything I saw on the shelf. :)
This was from the Flea Market collection (& some random alphabet stickers). Also some great deals...$1.57 for that awesome embellishment pack? & only 54c for those stickers? Yeah that's definitely a bargain.
Here's what else I got from Marshall's:
The punches were $3.99 & the scissors $1.99! I had actually gone to A.C. Moore & bought that same doily lace punch (except it was white) for $7.50 (using a 50% off coupon) but this was such a better deal! I also bought an album & a rotary cutter which I didn't take pictures of. I was excited to find the cutter because a while ago I purchased two blade replacements that the package said could be used without the handle but didn't quite work too well; now I can finally use them!
I love all my new stuff! I've even started using most of it..I made a couple of cards & altered a container that I'll be showing you soon. For now, have a good night!


Simply Pug said...

Oh we love the fall colors! We can feel you create a spooky theme as well. As soon as you are done working on your craft, please show us what you had done! We are so excited!
~Baby and Lucy

chenguna said...

Wow! YOu got some awesome deals. You go girl!