Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekly Dose of Cute

This is a picture of Cinnamon meeting Gray Bear. We fostered two kittens for about a month after Christmas, who we found left behind when the first snowstorm hit. Their mom couldn't get back to them through all the snow & I found the poor things sitting in a bush, crying. We named them Gray Bear & Black Bear because they were so chubby & fluffy! With the help of our local animal shelter we were able to find homes for both of the kittens but I still miss having them around! (Though 4 cats & 1 dog in a tiny apartment is a little too much..)

I'll be back tomorrow with a tutorial!


Naomi said...

Hello Milena!

I stumbled over to your blog from a link at pugly pixels/powered by pastries :)

And in doing the linking clicking/admiration thing, I noticed your "my shop" link is not working properly - the address is misspelt and doesn't lead to your Big Cartel store, so I thought you may want to know this so you can correct it.

All the best with everything and I look forward to seeing more of what you post on your blog :)

:) Naomi

Sandy Ang said...

How wonderful of you to rescue the two kittens in the snow. Happy blogging