Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goal Recap

It's been more than 2 months since I made my goal list and I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't gotten very far with it! I moved, but I've had some unexpected car expenses so my apartment won't be completely furnished & decorated for a while.

#2. Get a new hairstyle- done! I always get a new hairstyle/ color after a breakup. It's a cheaper form of therapy! ;) I got a keratin treatment so my hair isn't crazy frizzy anymore! Also got lighter blonde highlights and some red lowlights.
#9. Pay off credit card; work on school loan- credit card is paid off! The car stuff kind of derailed my efforts in paying my school loan but I'm happy that that's the last of my debt.

#11. Draw more- so far I've only drawn this, but have plans for some Dragon Age themed art.. :)

#16. Get 50 followers on my blog- done! Thank you all for helping me with this one!

#21. Get rid of all craft supplies I no longer use- making progress with this one by sending some out to Sandi, who won my giveaway. (Should be sent out by Tuesday!) I'm planning on taking pictures of everything I want to get rid of and posting it to see if anyone wants to buy anything- all proceeds will be going towards furnishing my apartment!
 #23. Get rid of all junk/ clutter in my apartment- this one is harder than I thought. I tried to sell some stuff at the flea market but only made $45 and only got rid of a couple small things so it's still as cluttered as ever here- actually more so since I don't have all my furniture & can't unpack everything until then.

#25. Start camera collection- made the most progress with this, after all, spending money is pretty easy! Will be adding pictures soon!

I definitely have a long way to go and I actually have lots more goals since I just moved, but I think I'll have to make a seperate list: "Things To Do in Baltimore". I've only been here a month but I absolutely love it! Everyday I find a new reason that I made the right choice in moving here. I hope to have some pictures to show you early next week!

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