Thursday, April 28, 2011

My very first card!

So, do you think I ended up cleaning off my desk? Crafting?


But, I did manage to take 116 photos of things I need to sell / get rid of! (& I now have 2 boxes & one bag of stuff to donate.) While doing that I found my very first digital camera (Kodak EasyShare) & on it a picture of a card I made for my dad when he was in the hospital for heart problems. (He's ok now!) Actually now that I think about it, this may even be the very first card I ever made..The pictures weren't the greatest so I used the Lomo-ish effect from Picnik on them to try to get it to look better. So it seems I do have a card to share with you today.. ;)

This was so long ago but I'm pretty sure all the supplies I used were from Dollar Tree - even the Band-aid!

**I've decided to extend my giveaway due to my upcoming move & not really promoting it this month!**


Anonymous said...

lovin' the polka dots!

i heard picnik added a ton of great features. how do you like it?

Keshet said...

Cute! That's a great first card!